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Valentina Badeanu Design

Flaming Scorpio Aura

Flaming Scorpio Aura

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"Flaming Scorpio Aura" is an abstract figurative artwork that embodies the fiery energy and intensity of the Scorpio zodiac sign. The use of soft pastel red, yellow, and orange acrylic colours creates a dynamic and vibrant composition that captures the essence of Scorpio's passionate and courageous nature. The gold metallic foil accents add a touch of luxury and shine, elevating the artwork to a level of exclusivity and refinement.

The symbol for Scorpio takes centre stage in this painting, depicted with intricate and bold lines that evoke a sense of power and strength. The vibrant colours surrounding the symbol create a captivating aura, symbolizing the fiery and intense energy that Scorpios are known for. The use of gold metallic foil accents on the symbol adds an element of shine and sparkle, highlighting the importance and significance of Scorpio's influence in our lives.

This painting is the perfect addition to any office or cozy home, where it will serve as a daily reminder of the importance of embracing our inner strength and passion. The dynamic and vibrant colours add a touch of energy and excitement to any room, while the Scorpio symbol makes it a personal and meaningful piece for anyone born under this sign.

"Flaming Scorpio Aura" is an original and exclusive artwork that will add a unique and vibrant touch to any collection. Its expressive and imaginative design makes it an ideal piece for those looking to add personality and colour to their surroundings. Whether displayed in a corporate setting or a private residence, this painting is sure to inspire and uplift anyone who views it.

Dimensions:  40 x 40 cm
                      15.7 in x  15.7 in
Acrylic and metallic gold foil on 100% Cotton Canvas
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