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Valentina Badeanu Design



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In a mesmerizing symphony of color and form, "Flow" emerges as an ethereal dance of acrylic hues and glistening strokes of gold metallic foil, weaving a tale of profound emotion and profound connection.

Within the boundless canvas of creation, the vibrant aquatic realm comes alive in a dynamic fusion of aqueous blues and greens, where every brushstroke is a whisper of the tranquil depths. As if an artist's breath, the acrylic flows and melds, orchestrating a watery ballet that pays homage to the ceaseless cycle of life, love, and shared aspirations.

Golden rivulets of dreams trace the contours of sinuous forms, embodying the koi fish—a timeless emblem of enduring love, unwavering friendship, and indomitable ambition. Their silken movements interlace with the currents of time, embodying the undulating tides of existence. Their graceful pursuit through the aqueous labyrinth mirrors the dance of hearts entwined, bound by fate's shimmering threads.

Gilded secrets are whispered by the metallic foil, adorning the canvas like fragments of celestial wisdom, illuminating the path towards prosperity and triumph. With every shift of light, these precious fragments flicker and gleam, igniting the canvas with a celestial radiance that mirrors the effervescent fire of ambition.

"Flow" beckons the observer to dive beyond the surface, inviting them to become part of this aqueous tapestry. It's a reflection of the profound connectivity between art and life, a testament to the shared human experience of navigating the currents of existence with the ardor of koi, forever swimming towards the horizon of dreams.

Allow your gaze to wander upon this masterwork, and feel the pulsating rhythms of the koi's journey resonate deep within, a reminder that in the ebb and flow of life, love, friendship, and aspirations are the currents that propel us towards the luminous shores of our desires.

Dimensions:  50 x 70 cm

                      19.6 in x 27.5 in

Acrylic and metallic gold foil on 100% Cotton Canvas, wood
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