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Valentina Badeanu Design

Heart's Golden Oasis

Heart's Golden Oasis

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"Heart's Golden Oasis" is a stunning masterpiece that embodies the very essence of love, beauty, and elegance. The acrylic on canvas artwork is a celebration of the heart and its infinite capacity for love and compassion.

As you gaze upon the painting, you are immediately drawn to the heart symbol that sits at the center of a lush green background. The heart symbol is illustrated in a creative, minimalist-abstract way that captures the essence of the playing cards suits. The use of negative space and clean lines in the design adds depth and dimension to the painting, making it a true work of art.

The golden 3D modelling texture that surrounds the heart symbol is a testament to the beauty of the human spirit. It is as though the heart is surrounded by a golden aura, a reminder of the infinite potential that lies within all of us.

The green background in "Heart's Golden Oasis" is a symbol of growth, renewal, and harmony. It is a reminder of the importance of nature and its ability to heal and nourish us. The combination of the green background and the golden texture creates a sense of balance and harmony that is both soothing and invigorating.

Heart's Golden Oasis is a painting that celebrates the beauty of love in all its forms. It is a work of art that reminds us of the importance of compassion, kindness, and empathy. It is a testament to the power of the heart and its ability to transform lives and bring joy to those around us.

"Heart's Golden Oasis" is a masterpiece that is sure to captivate and inspire all who view it. It is a painting that transcends time and space, evoking a sense of wonder and awe that is both timeless and eternal.

Dimensions:  50 x 50 cm
                      19.6 in x 19.6 in

Acrylic and metallic gold foil on 100% Cotton Canvas



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