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Valentina Badeanu Design

Infinit Realm

Infinit Realm

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Infinit Realm is an abstract painting that invites the viewer to contemplate the idea of an infinite power. The canvas is dominated by green and white hues, creating a calming and serene atmosphere. The colors blend seamlessly together, almost as if they were dancing together in a timeless and endless realm.

At the center of the canvas lies a cross sign, which stands out against the background. The cross is painted in a striking gold color, adding a touch of opulence and nobility to the piece. It symbolizes the faith in something greater than ourselves, and the belief that there is an infinite power that guides us through life.

The gold foil accents that adorn the painting create a sense of depth and texture, adding to the overall richness of the piece. They catch the light and shimmer, as if they were little sparks of hope and inspiration.

Infinit Realm is a painting that speaks to the soul, evoking feelings of peace, comfort, and faith. It invites us to reflect on the mysteries of the universe, and to find solace in the knowledge that there is an infinite power that governs all things.

Dimensions: 40 x 40 cm 

                      15.7 in x 15.7 in

Acrylic and metallic gold foil on 100% Cotton Canvas, wood 


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