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Valentina Badeanu Design

Leo's Inner Light

Leo's Inner Light

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"Leo's Inner Light" is a vibrant and dynamic abstract figurative artwork that captures the essence of the Leo zodiac sign. Created with soft pastel red, yellow, and white acrylic colors, this artwork is bursting with energy and life. The addition of gold metallic foil accents adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to the piece.

The central element of "Leo's Inner Light" is the iconic symbol for Leo, a lion, rendered with 3D texture that adds depth and dimension to the artwork. The lion represents the commanding presence of Leo, as well as their fierce independence and confidence. The lion's mane is depicted with bold strokes of red and yellow, creating a sense of movement and vitality.

The colors in "Leo's Inner Light" are carefully chosen to represent the positive and optimistic nature of Leo. The warm tones of red and yellow evoke feelings of energy and enthusiasm, while the soft white adds a sense of purity and innocence. The metallic gold accents reflect the Leo's regal nature and their love for the finer things in life.

The composition of the artwork is carefully balanced, with each element contributing to the overall sense of harmony and unity. The swirling lines and abstract shapes create a sense of movement and dynamism, reflecting the energy and passion of Leo. The addition of 3D texture adds depth and dimension to the artwork, giving it a tactile quality that draws the viewer in.

Overall, "Leo's Inner Light" is a stunning tribute to the positive, confident, and inspiring nature of the Leo zodiac sign. It reminds us of the importance of self-confidence, independence, and a healthy work-life balance, while also urging us to chase our dreams and pursue our passions with vigor and enthusiasm. This artwork is sure to light up any space with its vibrant energy and dynamic presence. 

Dimensions:  40 x 40 cm
                      15.7 in x  15.7 in

Acrylic and metallic gold foil on 100% Cotton Canvas


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